We Have Moved

We have moved to 1441 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia

Selecting the Right Grill

All of our grills are hand crafted to ensure the highest quality. Even though you can customize each grill based according to your needs, it is still important to start with the right grill. We have helped thousands of customers pick their perfect grill by reviewing a few important questions.

How many people do you generally grill for?

We recommend a grill size based on the number of people you cook for 95% of the time.  Are you primarily cooking for a small family, or is your backyard the spot where the neighborhood congregates on a saturday night.  Empty nesters and families will do well with our JNR grill that has 495 square inches of cooking space. For larger groups, we recommend the TJK2 (642 square inches), the WHRG (574 square inches), or the WNK4 (642 square inches)

What types of food do you like to grill?

Do you grill the entree only, or do you like to grill some delicious vegetables to go with the main course.  If you like to grill more than one thing at a time, you should consider one  of the larger grills even if you are only grilling for 2.

Are you passionate about steaks?

All of our grills will do a better job retaining heat than any grill that you have ever purchased at a big box store, so you can look forward to making the best steaks you have ever made no matter what grill you choose. We do have an option for those folks who don’t want to settle for the best steak in the neighborhood.  If you are passionate about steaks, we recommend our hybrid grill, the WHRG.  The WHRG has 3 burners. 2 burners work in our standard configuration below porcelain briquettes. The 3rd is an infrared burner that generates the extreme heat required to properly sear a steak.

Do you prefer stainless steel?

Most of our grills come with a hand forged aluminum head.  If you like the look of stainless steel, we recommend our TJK2 line.

Do you like rotisserie style grilling?

Our rotisserie add on package is available for the TJK2, the WHRG, and the WNK4 models.

Customize your perfect grill

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Hollywood Pool & Spa has acquired Alabama Gaslight & Grill. As of March 29, our new location can be found at 1441 Montgomery Hwy in Vestavia.