About our Grills

Alabama Gaslight & Grill only carries the highest quality propane and natural gas grills available today.  We are proud to carry grills from MHP, Profire, and Napolean.

MHP Grills

MHP invented the gas grill, and they have led the industry since 1960. Their commitment to quality is evident in their cast aluminum bodies to their patented “H” style stainless steel burners. MHP grills are customizable, and they are designed to last for generations. These propane or natural gas grills come with lifetime warranties.

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Profire Grills

Profire Grills are an MHP line that is manufactured out of commercial grade stainless steel. They can be built into brick, stone, or stucco enclosures, or mounted on an attractive stainless steel cart.  If you are building an outdoor kitchen, the Profire Grill may be the perfect fit.

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Delta Heat

Delta Heat products are engineered, designed and manufactured by the industry leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts – Twin Eagles, Inc.

Twin Eagles develops, from design prototyping to testing to final production, gas grills and outdoor kitchen accessories at their state-of-the-art company owned facility in Cerritos, California. The Twin Eagles family consists of passionate, highly trained designers, engineers and skilled craftsmen bringing you exquisite products.

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