Ceramic Eggs

Ceramic egg smokers are the perfect complement to your backyard setup. They are easy to use, so they can serve as your only grill. They are also the perfect complement to a gas grill. The gas grill can provide intense heat and quick prep times, while a ceramic egg can establish you as the master smoker in your neighborhood.

We carry ceramic egg smokers from the industries top manufacturers.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Eggs

The Kamado Joe name came from the ancient style of cooking that began over 3,000 years ago. The name “kamado” is Japanese for “stove”. The literal translation is “place for the cauldron”. This is a simple, efficient, and flexible method of cooking any food perfectly. “Joe”” was inspired by this grill’s ease of use and a no nonsense approach to better materials and functional design.

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Primo Ceramic Smokers

Primo Ceramic Smokers are proudly made in the USA. We use a proprietary blend of materials in our hand assembly facility in Tucker, GA.  Primo’s dedication to quality is evident in their commitment to keeping jobs in the USA so that they can monitor quality control in person.

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Profire “Bravo” Ceramic Grill

Bravo isn’t just the name of our Kamado grill, it’s what our guests will say after they taste the food that you have prepared on it. Profire “Bravo” Ceramic Smokers are proudly manufactured in the USA. America’s oldest grill manufacturer, Modern Home Products, saw a need for a ceramic egg that was manufactured with the same quality and durability as their gas grills. The Profire “Bravo” brings the same level of craftsmanship and quality that MHP delivers in their industry leading natural gas grills.

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