We Have Moved

We have moved to 1441 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia

Charcoal Grills & Smokers

Charcoal grills & smokers are the perfect complement to your backyard setup. They are easy to use, so they can serve as your only grill. They are also the perfect complement to a gas grill. The gas grill can provide intense heat and quick prep times, while a charcoal grill/smoker can establish you as the master chef in your neighborhood.

We carry a wonderful selection quality charcoal grills and pellet grills!

Big Green Egg


Portable Kitchen Grills (PK Grills)

PK Charcoal Grills/Smokers are the most durable charcoal grill on the market.  PK Manufactures their grills in Little Rock, AR.  Some people still cook on original models that were made in the 50’s!  The cast aluminum grill capsule will remain rust free, will heat up quickly, and will distribute the heat evenly throughout the grill.  It will provide years and years of GOOD food.  Want a charcoal grill that is QUICK and EASY to use, but also extremely VERSATILE?  Come check out our full line of PK Grills!

Goldens’ Cast Iron Kamado Grills

Do you want a kamado style grill that your great-grandchildren will cook on?  Goldens’ Cast Iron & Machine Co. (Columbus, GA) makes kamado style cookers out of 100% USA MADE ductile cast-iron.  The thick cast-iron shares many of the good qualities of ceramic, but will never crack or break.  We carry a full line of Goldens’ cookers, as well as, their line of cast-iron firepits.

Smokin’ Brothers Pellet Grills

Pellet grills offer wood fired taste with the same ease of use as a gas grill!  Smokin’ Brothers is a family owned manufacturer in Jackson, MO.  They make excellent quality pellet grills that offer many advantages over other brands;  Superior heat control, quality American steel construction, stainless steel burn cup, just to name a few.  These grills make long slow cooks a breeze.  We carry a full line of Smokin’ Brothers grills.  Come by and check them out!


Hollywood Pool & Spa has acquired Alabama Gaslight & Grill. As of March 29, our new location can be found at 1441 Montgomery Hwy in Vestavia.