We Have Moved

We have moved to 1441 Montgomery Highway in Vestavia

Hand Made Quality Grills

For nearly 50 years, Alabama Gaslight & Grill has carried the largest selection of natural gas and propane grills in Alabama. With our dedication to carrying American made grills such has Modern Home Products (MHP), Profire, and Napolean, we can ensure that our customers can choose from the highest quality grills backed by the best warranties in the grilling industry.

Our grills are hand cast by artisans who are as passionate about grilling as anyone who will use their products.  When you hold a burner in your hand, you can feel the difference compared to other grills that you might have owned in the past. Even the nicest grills in the big box stores come with burners that seem like they were designed to rust out after a few years. Our burners feel like they were made to last forever.

Another example of our commitment to quality is that our grills come with porcelain briquettes.  These used to be common, but most grill manufacturers have replaced them with “flavor bars” as they look for any opportunity to cut cost.

Our grills are designed to last for generations.  They are made with pride in the United States out of the highest quality materials. We are passionate about grilling, and we carry grills that we are proud to use, and that we are proud to recommend to those who share our passion.

Hollywood Pool & Spa has acquired Alabama Gaslight & Grill. As of March 29, our new location can be found at 1441 Montgomery Hwy in Vestavia.