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5 Reasons To Buy a MHP Grill vs Big Box Competitors

  1.  Made In The U.S.A

    In 1960, just outside of Chicago, Illinois,  MHP introduced the first ever gas grill that changed the way the world cooks today.  The majority of gas grills sold in big box stores today are manufactured overseas.  As a result, the quality of these products tend to be on the lower-end and the grill will most likely have to be replaced every 3-5 years. grills-made-in-the-usa

  2. Quality

    MHP Grills are manufactured with the highest quality metals available today.  The top and bottom castings as well as the various bases/carts are made of extruded cast aluminum or 304 stainless steel that are both guaranteed for life against rust.  MHP offers the choice between 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum cooking grids that are both guaranteed for life against rust.  Even the bolts used to manufacture their grills are stainless steel.  Most gas grills sold in big box stores are made with cheap metals that will rust and rust quickly.  MHP Grills are built to last a lifetime.hd_installation

  3. Porcelain Briquettes   

    Most grills that are sold at the mass merchants today are equipped with metal “flavor bars” that sit above the burners. MHP grills use porcelain briquettes that provide a cleaner more fresh barbecue flavor.  Briquettes are designed to distribute the heat evenly throughout the grill, which is something that metal “flavor bars” cannot accomplish accurately.briquettes_porcelain_in_grill

  4. Dealer Support

    When you purchase a MHP Grill from a local business such as ours, you will have our full support of the product for the life of the grill.  Lets say that the burner goes out and you need to replace it.  If you bought a grill from a big box store chances are they either do not have the part or they have discontinued that particular model.  If you bought a MHP Grill from Alabama Gaslight & Grill we are able to supply you with every single part for that grill.  Also, if you ever have any questions about the grill or ever have a problem, you can contact us directly and speak to a real live person regarding any issue.  The experience of buying from a local business will be far more enjoyable than the experience of any mass merchant.image_about2_v2

  5. Lifetime Warranty 

    The warranties that MHP includes with their products are some of the best in the business.  Most grills sold at big box stores have very limited warranties that are typically a hassle to fulfill.  MHP includes lifetime warranties on the stainless steel burners, cooking grids, stand/base, and the top and bottom castings.  All warranty issues will be handled directly with Alabama Gaslight & Grill, which means less headache for the customer.

  6. MHP-Natural-Gas-Grill-with-infrared-burners---GHJK3_1






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