Logs & Heat

For nearly 50 years, Alabama Gaslight & Grill has sold the highest quality natural gas and propane logs in Alabama. With our commitment to keeping jobs in America, all of our logs are manufactured in the USA. We carry vented logs, vent free logs, and infrared heaters. All of our gas logs and heaters are available in propane and natural gas configurations. Click here download our guide to measuring your fireplace to help decide which gas logs are right for you.

Vented logs are perfect for customers who prefer the most realistic look and ambience.  Vented logs lose a portion of their heat through the chimney, but they do provide some warmth, and they look great.

Vent free logs maximize your heat output, and they do not require an open damper.  Approximately 98% of the heat generated goes directly to warming your home.

Infrared heaters provide a great alternative for natural gas or propane heat even if your home doesn’t have a fireplace that would accommodate logs.  Our space heaters provide reliable warmth when the power is out during a winter storm. They are over 99% efficient, and they come in wall-mount or free standing models.

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Here are some of the manufacturers that we carry.

Monessen Hearth Products

Monessen Hearth Products manufactures high quality vent free logs in the United States.  Their state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly facility performs burn and leak tests on 100% of their products.  Monessen Hearth is committed to providing unparalleled customer service and outstanding products.  They are known for beautiful logs that are inspired by nature and hand crafted for incredible realism and life-like detail.

Golden Blount Hearth Products

Golden Blount Hearth Products was founded in 1970 by Golden Blount.  They manufacture vented logs at their facility in Addison, TX.  Golden Blount natural gas and propane logs are the most realistic logs in the fireplace industry today.  The collect real wood and bring it into the manufacturing plant where artisans mold and hand-paint their beautiful natural gas and propane logs.  Golden Blount has won “Best in Show” multiple times at the American Fireplace Show.  They use a patented front-ember burner to add flames and burning embers to the front of the log set.

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